Kwik Lok: Fibre-Lok

The Need: Kwik Lok has been investing in materials science to find replacements for our ubiquitous polystyrene closure products used predominantly by the bakery and produce industries. We are focusing on options that reduce unnecessary or problematic plastics and remain fit for purpose. Which means, the closures must run through the thousands of closing machines our customers have already invested in with little or no additional investment or downtime. And the closures must be reusable for the consumer to keep their purchased food product fresh and safe through the life of the produce. In the last year Kwik Lok has rolled out a fiber-based product, Fibre-Lok, in Australia, Europe and Canada. Now Fibre-Lok is available in the United States

What makes it particularly smart or circular?

Results, Benefits and Outcomes to Date: This product was shown at the International Bakery Industry Equipment trade show in September and was very well-received. It is available for testing in U.S. bakeries now and Kwik Lok has just begun promotions in the U.S.

Which of the Pact’s 4 Targets does your work help achieve? This product helps us achieve Target 1 by taking measures to eliminate items on the problematic or unnecessary list by 2025.

How are you communicating your success? We are sharing our story in retail bakery publications as well as working with the sustainability community. We are speaking at industry conferences and leveraging earned media.

What’s Next? We are working toward a higher level of bio-based materials as well as other material options that can be used in wet, humid and freezing environments.

Roadblocks & Lessons Learned: As with many new products, the cost is higher for this product. We expect those companies with CSR commitments or regional plastics regulations to have interest. This product is not a good match for our produce customers who require the product to perform in wet environments.

Core Team, Partners, & Participants: Kwik Lok’s engineering and innovations team lead the way.

Time Frame: Approximately two years to bring this product to market.

Quote: “Fibre-Lok is another important step in Kwik Lok’s mission of transitioning the industry toward a sustainable future through innovation and we are pleased to make it available in the U.S. for the first time,” said Don Carrell, CEO, Kwik Lok. “Fibre-Lok has been tested and proven in other markets to deliver the same quality and reliability customers expect from the traditional Kwik Lok products.”

Company/Organization Information: Kwik Lok is headquartered in Yakima, Washington. We are a privately-held, woman-owned global company that was founded in 1954. We have over 300 employees worldwide.

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